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Lean-Consultants Strategic Business Analysis is a powerful tool that delivers an outside perspective of your business and guides you in making key decisions that will assist in your business growth. 

Being actively involved in a business can become very hectic. A Lean-Consultants Strategic Analysis will generate and overview and identify opportunities and threats. Lean-Consultants offer comprehensive assessments that cover all business aspects, including marketing. Contact Us and start saving now!

Strategic Business Analysis Applications
Lean-Consultants Strategic Business Analysis is useful for:
Existing Businesses seeking improvements
Businesses planning to expand and generate new growth areas
New business planning
Understanding customer needs
Strategic Business Analysis Methods
Lean-Consultants use an extensive range of analysis tools. The following are some typical methods:
Business Process Mapping - Develop business transparency, understand your business process steps and how they interact with one another. Helps to improve efficiency and identify waste.
  ESC Analysis:
  Environment - Analyses your business prospects in the proposed environment taking into consideration Economy, Demographics, Law, Technology, Politics, Social & Cultural aspects
  Strategy - Analyses your planned strategy and develops new long & short term strategies to help you achieve your objectives. Considers integration and implementation issues
  Capability - Assesses your business capabilities in regards to finance, resources and technology
Porters 5 Forces Analysis:
  Industry competitors
  New entrant threats
  Substitute threats
  Supplier bargaining power
  Buyer bargaining power
  This information is all summarized using the Lean-Consultants Analysis tool which clearly indicates areas of threat and areas inviting for growth.
Customer orientated assessments - provides your business with an overview of areas for improvement in order to enhance customer satisfaction. Tools used:
  Customer profiling
  Customer surveying
  Strategic Marketing planning
Strategic Business Analysis Examples
Due to confidentiality laws, actual work examples cannot be displayed. The attached links provide a basic overview of the type of reports that can be expected.
  Australia Post Case Study.pdf
  Angora Rabbit Fur Production Case Study.pdf
  Carer Aids Business Plan Example.pdf


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