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We don't just talk about Lean Six-Sigma, we implement it!!

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Lean Six-Sigma Process Engineering & Lean Six-Sigma Training:

Lean-Consultants have developed a fresh approach to consulting services. We are very confident in our work and offer businesses the opportunity to undergo a free assessment to determine if a Lean-Consultants representation will work on a Savings Based Payment plan. Conventional hourly rates also available.

Government Funding Training & Projects:
How does government funding work for my business?

Lean-Consultants are able to provide training and project implementation via government grants. Grants are available to nearly every business when providing training to staff in Cert III, Cert IV and Diploma or improving business processes. Lean-Consultants have developed a very successuful model using this funding to implement lean within any organisation. The Lean-Consultants model includes Value Stream Mapping, Business Health Check (Lean Assessment), Culture/Morale Surveying, Quality reviews and 5S training and implementation. Lean-Consultants currently lead the way in the most effective training implementation program for businesses wishing to improve profit.

Description Fee  Criteria
Long Term Project Rates $180/hour Minimum 8 hours contact in a fixed pattern of more than 2 days per week and for minimum 6 months duration
Short Term Project Rates $245+/hour Minimum 8 hours contact in no fixed pattern or duration
Long Term Training Rates $245+/hour

Using Lean-Consultants developed resources for a minimum 8 hours contact in a fixed pattern of more than 2 days per week and for minimum 6 months duration

(Does not include Certified Training resources)

Short Term Training Rates

(Specialised Training)


Using Lean-Consultants developed resources for a minimum 8 hours contact in no fixed pattern or duration

(Includes Certified Training resources)

Saving Based Payments:
How do saving based payment plans work?

A Savings Based Payment plan allows your business processes to be analysed at no out of pocket cost. Lean-Consultants only take a portion of what money we save for you. This system ensures that you get improvements to your process and costs you nothing if you have nothing to improve.

What are the steps involved?

1 Assessment- A Lean-Consultants representative will visit your business and briefly examine your process to evaluate if there is potential for major process improvements.
2 Viability Report- Based on the assessment, the viability report will indicate if Lean-Consultants believe the project is Savings Based Payment eligible.
3 If eligible- If the project is deemed eligible, Lean-Consultants will work on the basis of donating 12.5% of the 1st year savings value made through the proposed improvement to charity and 37.5% to Lean-Consultants. The remaining 50% of annual savings and permanent ongoing savings are kept by the business. Lean-Consultants are only paid if realistic improvements are implemented.
4 If not eligible- If the project is not eligible you may still use Lean-Consultants services at a standard hourly rate to complete any desired project or a higher percentage of the savings.
5 Detailed Analysis - Lean-Consultants will make a thorough assessment of proposed process improvements and evaluate the costs for implementing the process improvement.
6 Improvement Presentation- After the Analysis is complete, the proposed improvements will be presented and KPIs agreed to as part of the implementation contract agreement.
7 Implementation- If the business chooses to use Lean-Consultants services to implement the improvements an action plan will be created listing actions and responsibilities of the client.Once final payment is completed, all documentation from the Analysis will be forwarded to the business.


Description Fee  Time
Assessment for saving potential Free 2-3 hours
Viability report Free N/A
Improvement Presentation $300 1-2 hours
Detailed Analysis:    
Data only 20% 1st year savings Project dependant (5% donated to charity)
Implementation 50% 1st year savings Project dependant (12.5% donated to charity)

Note - Assessments only conducted in Melbourne and suburbs otherwise travel costs apply
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Strategic Business Analysis:
Lean-Consultants provide an initial assessment to determine if your project has potential for improvement. If Lean-Consultants feel we have something to offer we will provide your business with:
List of areas to be analysed
Estimated time for research
Analysis report consisting of an executive summary, details of analysis and a list of references
Final Presentation in MS PowerPoint format
Assessment for potential
Analysis work
$280 - $480+/hour
Invention Development:
Lean-Consultants encourage the development of new products and services. We offer a free initial assessment and provide you with an honest opinion of your idea. We offer our clients the option to be involved in the project based on their skills.
Based on the initial assessment, we can offer our clients any of the following payment plans:
Hourly Rates - Lean-Consultants can close the gaps of your Innovation development and help you manage your project through to marketing stages
Incentive Rates - Lean-Consultants will work on your project at a reduced hourly rate, on the agreement that 10% of the profit made from the Innovation is forwarded to Lean-Consultants for the period of the patent
Joint Venture - Lean-Consultants will work on your project, excluding Lean-Consultants Innovations Development costs and 50/50 share for all other costs, on the agreement that 50% of the profit made from the Innovation is forwarded to Lean-Consultants for the period of the patent
Payment Plan
Profit Share
Hourly Rates
Incentive Rates
Joint Venture
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