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We don't just talk about Lean Six-Sigma, we implement it!!

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Six Sigma (6 Sigma)

Six Sigma (Motorola Internationally Certified)

Leadership Jumpstart - 2 full days (Target : Senior management)
Champion Training (Six Sigma Foundation) - 2 days (Target audience : Managers)
Yellow Belt - 2 days (Target : Team members and YB candidates)
Green Belt Training - 6 days (Target : Team members and GB candidates)
Black Belt Training - 20 days (Target : Project team leaders and BB candidates)

What is a Six Sigma and how will it help my workplace?

Sigma is a statistical term that measures deviation from the process mean or target. The figure of six was determined statistically by looking at the current average performance levels of most business enterprises. Six Sigma programs are applicable to any business process in any industry. It has proven to be successful for telcos, utility companies, financial services, energy, transportation and manufacturing enterprises. Six Sigma programs utilised efficiently will reduce defects, produce superior quality and ultimately ensure long term profitability of any enterprise. Typical ROI (return of investment) scenarios are between 1:10 and 1: 50.

Overview :

  • Leadership Jumpstart - To align the Six Sigma Business Improvement Campaign with your overall business strategies and goals. The result of the Jumpstart is a set of high impact projects for implementation and your Six Sigma Campaign Plan.
  • Champion Training - Six Sigma champions receive intensive training that prepares them for managing resources in a Six Sigma environment and conducting ongoing project reviews.
  • Yellow Belt - An introductory session to statistics that also covers a subset of the Green Belt program.
  • Green Belt - Green Belt training cascades Six Sigma approaches and techniques throughout your organisation. Green Belts receive training that covers a subset of the comprehensive Black Belt program.
  • Black Belt - Black Belts are experts in applying statistical process control techniques to improvement opportunities. The program is four weeks over a four month time frame and is constructed upon the DMAIC methodology. As participants complete each segment of training, they will immediately apply the concepts and tools learned to the projects you've identified


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Key notes:

  • Six sigma was invented by Motorola
  • Programs are fully endorsed (and in most cases) delivered by Motorola trained personnel.
  • Lean-Consultants is a business partner of Motorola.
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