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Quality Tools & Root Cause Analysis
Lean Manufacturing

We don't just talk about Lean Six-Sigma, we implement it!!

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Quality Tools & Root Cause Analysis

What are Quality Tools and how will it help my workplace?

Root Cause Analysis can help to pinpoint root causes of recurring process issues that cost you money. Lean-Consultants use systematic methods (8D & 5 Whys) to establish root causes of complex process issues.

Firewall Quality Control Systems
strive towards achieving zero ppm quality for customers. Firewalls provide a detailed analysis of all your process Quality Gates (inspection areas) cross referenced with potential faults via PFMEAs and actual faults found in process. By identifying potential risks and driving improvements via Poke Yoka and upstream Early Warning Systems, quality problems can be totally eliminated.

Early Warning Systems measure process quality deviations at the source. By detecting a deviation at the source it allows for quicker and easier Root Cause Analysis and resolution. Quality faults found at the customer are too late and are normally much harder to determine root cause.

Zero Monodukuri (Zero Defect) are Japanese versions of similar systems to those listed above.

Using Lean techniques we teach your team about:

  • Why quality is important
  • How to define a problem effectively
  • How to use Ishikawa (fishbone) and 5 Why Root Cause Analysis techniques to effective resolve issues as a team
  • How to determine the current Quality risks
  • What a PFMEA is and how to use it to drive improvements
  • What Early Warning Systems are and how to use this tool to remove Quality risks
  • How to implement effective in process quality monitoring


Quality is never an accident,
It's the result of careful execution!

Lean-Consultants Quality Tools:

  • Links directly to Continuous Improvement Processes
  • Links directly to Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Can also be used to:

  • Reduce stock fluctuations
  • Lower reject losses
  • Determine Root Cause of process control issues
  • Improve equipment uptime
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