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Lean Business Health Check (Lean Audit)

What is a Lean Business Health Check and how will it help my workplace?

The Lean-Consultants Lean Business Health Check is a diagnostic tool to evaluate multiple business units and their performance in relation to the 7 Lean pillars (Process Orientation, Pull Systems, Perfect Quality, Flexibility, Standardisation, Transparent Processes, Continuous Improvement & Associate Involvement and Empowerment). The assessment uses known benchmark standards achieved by leading companies practicing Lean. This is a comprehensive assessment which should be used to determine company vision and goals. It also measures improvement and Lean progress over time.
The Lean Business Health Check can be conducted on any one or all of the following business departments or sections - Production, Procurement, Processing Orders Office, Processing Customer Orders, Internal Logistics, Incoming and Finished Goods Stores, Associate Involvement and an overall Level of Implementation.

Application methods:
  • Generally conducted every 6-12 months in line with the Lean business vision planning
  • Measures against benchmark standards of world class businesses practising Lean
  • Allows for assessment of each department individually and also the company overall
  • Ideal to plan business improvement and growth
  • Ideal to measure success of action plans and projects implemented


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Measure the following company KPIs:

  • (WIP) Inventory Total (Average over 6 months) - ratio of total stock value divided by demand/day
  • (Quality) Total rejects External returns PPM rate current
  • (Productivity) Total Labour required to make 100 pieces (min/100 pieces)
  • (Structural Cost) Overheads as either a cost or percentage in addition to labour rate
  • (Dock to Dock Time) Lead time for materials to move from supplier to the customer. Results from VSM in days
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