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5S Workplace Organisation
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We don't just talk about Lean Six-Sigma, we implement it!!

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5S Workplace Organisation

What is 5S and how will it help my workplace?

5S is the key foundation pillar for any organisational change. It provides a cleaner, more organised and more efficient workplace. It begins the process towards a visually managed work area and leaves the team involved with a huge sense of achievement and enthusiasm.
Lean-Consultants 5S implementation provides professional services for the introduction of 5S into a work area. 5S can be applied to any work area, including offices, to instil a culture which encourages improvements. Lean-Consultants will work through the following 5S steps and provide direction to achieve a sustained system.

What are the 5S steps:
  1. S1 Sort (Seiri) - focuses on eliminating unnecessary work items
  2. S2 Set In Order (Seiton)- focuses on efficient and effective storage systems
  3. S3 Shine (Seiso) - this step establishes cleaning requirements and formulates a cleaning system which will help identify issues
  4. S4 Standardise (Seiketsu) - determines best practice work habits and educates others in the most efficient methods
  5. S5 Sustain (Shitsuke) - develops a strategy to sustain your activities and implements routine actions that will maintain an optimum environment


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Lean-Consultants 5S:

  • Establishes an understanding of all Lean pillars as 5S develops all pillars
  • Sets the standards for business and develops a Lean culture
  • Creates efficiency in the workplace and minds of it's workers
  • Creates a safer and more aesthetically pleasing work area for a company and it's employees
  • All materials for training and implementation can be sourced through Lean-Consultants
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