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We don't just talk about Lean Six-Sigma, we implement it!!

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Lean Six Sigma Training Services & Consultants (Resultants)

Use Lean-Consultants services and we ensure you get a return on your investment! How? Lean Six Sigma training is the key!
Lean-Consultants have an eye for innovation and develop Lean Business Processes, Products and Training Services that will provide innoVative solutions to help keep you ahead of your competitors. In achieving our goals, we improve profitability and improve people's living and working conditions. Take advantage of government grants to help your business improve. Contact us to find out how you can get access government help.

In conjunction with our RTO partners, qualifications in Competitive Systems and Practices now available. Certificate III, Certificate IV, Diploma & Advanced Diploma Lean training commonly cost neutral and yielding business gains through project implementation. This training can be used as the perfect platform for your business to launch Lean thinking and professionally train your staff. Click here for more information.
Allow Lean-Consultants to chase performance Improvements and conduct a free Lean assessment of your business and we will be able to determine if there are considerable cost savings to be made by using Lean Business Systems.

Via structured assessments, Lean-Consultants will determine a range of potential savings for your business. We offer innovative improvements suggestions for your business processes at no out of pocket costs. Try our Savings Based Payment plans! (Find Out More)

Lean Leadership / Practioners Course (Certified by the Lean Six Sigma Society of Professionals and now Government Funded) Are you wanting to develop key leaders in your business and drive towards strategic Lean objectives? If you are, and all good businesses should be, then the Lean Leadership program will educate and provide direction to key people in the organisation. This program covers all aspects of Lean and solidifies knowledge through the Lean Simulation Factory. Stated as a benchmark learning program and essential to any successful Lean program. Click here for more information.

Lean Six-Sigma Society of Australasia. Join the Lean Six-Sigma Society in Australasia on Linked In. This fantastic society will allow you to network with other Lean Six-Sigma Practitioners and Resultants. Find out about latest techniques, tools and government training and development grants. Click here for more information and application

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